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Sandra Cardão


​Tell us about your occupation.

I am a Portuguese Clinical Psychologist who works between the Algarve, Portugal (April to October) and Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde (October to April).

Why did you choose to go into your particular field of medicine/healthcare?

When I started to study Psychology the reason was to have a certified background to relieve people's psychological pain.
Some years later, I now see that psychological health needs an integrative, and even an intuitive approach, beyond the academic theories, which are changing. I mean psychological pain is interconnected to physical, emotional, spiritual and systemic pain (e.g. for the latter, see forced immigrants). My method meets the person's needs along the time of consultations.

Where were you born?

Luanda, Angola

Where have you been?

I have been working in Portimão, the Algarve, and Boavista, and Sal islands, on Cape Verde.

Medical style you grew up with?

I studied and grew to understand psychology through the lens of the psychodynamic theory. It gives an accurate listening and observing attitude by both reading the verbal and non-verbal signs. Therapeutically plans are adjusted according to people's needs, so, person centered, These may include guided meditation, relaxation methods, breathing techniques based on yoga, neuromuscular tapping (from Donna Eden energy medicine), being mindful (e.g. Thich Nhat Hanh ).

Your views on health in your own home?

At home, we do hold brilliant health practitioners and researchers in many different fields. One renowned neuroscientist is the Portuguese Manuel Damásio.

The book that changed your life?

So many! I guess that in adolescence, reading Dostoievski brought me the world of deep psychological characters, situations and even pain (e.g. Crime and Punishment, The Karamazov brothers...). At a younger age, fairy tales opened the world of dreams, of overcoming difficulties, of different emotions, and of "happiness ever after". These influenced the later interest of Zen of Buddhist ethics, and even psychological practices (e.g. Tara Brach, Ph.D., Jack Kornfield, Ph.D.

What is the most difficult aspect of your work for you to accept?

When I see that I made a mistake, e.g., informing of a possible cause too soon. However, It made me cautious and more attentive to the person's own rhythm and time.

What are you most proud of/grateful for about your work?

When paid or voluntary work makes a difference in the life of people for the better. One of the latter patients lost a long-life fear by understanding where it came from.

What is your go-to home-remedy for a cold?

Mine is honey and ginger tea.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

That is is alright not to know all responses, but I can search for them and then give the feedback later (from an elder teacher of Sociology)

If you could stay home with a cup of coffee three days a week and research any area of health that pertains to your occupation, what would it be and why?

Trauma and complex trauma. First, because I have been through trauma and secondly because there are amazing older practitioners, the pioneers of the trauma theory which is still evolving as Dr. Peter Levine, Ph.D. informs, Dr. Gabor Maté, Ph.D., Dr. Stephen Porges, and the Polyvagal theory. And because I just love to study new well sustained therapeutical theories and practices, who are not afraid to be pioneer and creative.

Favorite place to be?

Nature, historic cities.

What does self-health mean to you?

Nurturing and pampering ourselves with good thoughts, good words, foods, exercise, spiritual practices (in short, with good dharma). Being responsible for our own well-being, learn to be responsible for it.

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Sandra Cardão

Clinical Psychologist

Santa Maria, Cape Verde
Joined 5 months ago

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

—Mahatma Gandhi



Avenida dos Hotéis Santa Maria, Cape Verde 4111 00351916070727

Sandra’s Specialties

Depressions, Suicidal Thoughts, Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma, Grief

Sandra’s Top 3 Topics of interest

Multiproblem families

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