About Kinnected

Kinnected is a stable, global, social-health platform that addresses difficult to navigate gaps in the health system, and nurtures health, heart, and peers.

Kinnected’s Mission

To offer a free and diverse public health community that nurtures and supports all people and health professionals equitably.

Kinnected’s Vision

To model a global culture of self-health advocacy and collaborative healing that revitalizes and prioritizes the health of humanity.

about-img Aurora by Karin Schaefer
about Aegean Sun, 2016 by Karin Schaefer

Code of Ethics

Kinnected is dedicated to becoming a great example of a company that continues to ask questions and educate itself as it grows into a healthy, flexible online culture. We challenge ourselves to always be better, and above all, align all economic activity with ethical principles, providing our team, our colleagues, members, and partners on a local, national and international level, a sustainable way to interact and network, based on dialogue, transparency, compassion and respect.

Our Team

The team behind the scenes of Kinnected.

about After Meditation 1/4/16 (Aleppo), 2016 by Karin Schaefer
about After Meditation 1/4/16 (Citadel), 2016 by Karin Schaefer