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The value of partnerships

The statistic pictured affects people not just in the US, but worldwide, and they do not only affect people—these statistics affect the economy too. The need for better partnerships across business cultures has never felt so imperative. Companies and organizations must find the collective resolve to cultivate one another’s vitality.

Kinnected works to grow symbiotic partnerships with organizations that:

  • Share our principles, and the understanding that we are now working to prepare for future vulnerabilities on a pandemic scale.
  • Share our mission to develop community resilience through building healthy infrastructure that can withstand an emotional, physical and social health earthquake.
  • Invest time, values, and solutions structuring technology, economy, health and policy, around essential human rights.
  • Understand that creativity and flexibility are needed to support a more stable, accessible whole health system.

Kinnected for independent and public clinical health systems

Healthcare and social care systems are not equipped to heal or nourish us universally. Kinnected believes in the power of partnering with both public and independent health systems who accelerate impact, and advocate for new, empathic-based systems around social services, technology, and whole health. We support clinics, hospitals, and social service organizations of all sizes, both public and independent, that recognize the deep need for trustworthy, digital community spaces, and are seeking a non-clinical, neutral, ethical support system that runs parallel to their own systems and programs for people, health professionals, and employees.

Kinnected for educational and family organizations

We actively build partnerships with parent groups, elder population groups, universities, and patient advocacy/education groups to create intergenerational health bridges, support the importance of health narratives/lived experiences, and to destigmatize illness through the power of peer support and self-advocacy.

  • Our partnership with Whitman College has resulted in an IRB-approved Wellness Study on Long Covid and Chronic Conditions that measures the value of peer support alongside medical care. We work with those who understand the challenges of elders who are disproportionately dying in isolation before their stories can be told. We seek organizations that support aging in place; and are working to enhance the lives of elders through creative or concrete needs.
  • We currently offer to like-minded organizations, our facilitated social inclusion initiative, The Reciprocity Project, which connects elders across cultures and generations for the purpose of sharing stories and health narratives. The Reciprocity Project shows that the road to abating loneliness and building a more inclusive society is to offer elders and younger adults a cogent, nurturing role in each other’s rehabilitation.

Kinnected for arts and cultural organizations

Art, music, and stories are essential ingredients of growing healthy communities, and comprise a featured focal area of Kinnected. Kinnected welcomes arts and cultural health organizations that champion mental and emotional health.

  • Our partnership with SMASH uplifts their mission of helping musicians stay healthy by providing access to free or very low cost: mental health therapy, dental care, hearing protection, an annual doctor visit, support for navigating the healthcare system, and other health services that support musicians' health.

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