Jamie Doughty

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​Tell us about your occupation.

Treating the root cause of disease

Why did you choose to go into your particular field of medicine/healthcare?

To save lives and healthcare dollars

Where were you born?

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Where have you been?

All over the US, Canada, UK, Cuba, Bermuda, Mexico

Medical style you grew up with?


Your views on health in your own home?

A clean environment and home protects your health.

The book that changed your life?

Eat Pray Love

What is the most difficult aspect of your work for you to accept?

Bureaucracy fighting to protect the scope of Naturopathic Doctors in WA state

What are you most proud of/grateful for about your work?

Inspired by my patients, grateful to support them on their journey to optimal health

Tell us something about the communities that you serve.

Patients seeking root cause medicine -from all ages and walks of life

What is your go-to home-remedy for a cold?

Elderberry and Zinc

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Talk Less, Listen More

Favorite place to be?

Beach in the sun

Is there a piece of music, composer or artist that gives you strength and/or healing?

I love the ukulele!

What is your greatest strength as a provider?


What does self-health mean to you?

Body, mind and spirit balanced.

Car, bike, or...?


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Jamie Doughty


Tummy Temple

Lacey WA
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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
— Hippocrates



4520 Intelco Loop Southeast, #3A Lacey WA US 98501-2160 (360)-228-3772
Jamie’s Top 3 Topics of interest

Trust the healing power of nature and your body's inherent wisdom. Don't discount the importance of clean water
whole food and pure air!

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