What is Kinnected and How Does It Work?

“The world needs a sense of worth, and it will achieve it only by its people
feeling that they are worthwhile.” —Fred (Mr.), Rogers


Kinnected is a free, world-wide, social sanctuary that provides multiple avenues for members to organize their self-health information, collaborate, and share knowledge and solutions towards better health and well-being.

Your profile is made up of your customized profile card and 3 important questions: What is your story, what can you offer, and what do you need?

Your timeline—Any current or past health events can be added to your personal health timeline, and any solutions or conversations you have can be grouped and edited around those conditions or questions. By tracking your physical, social or emotional health in this way, you can connect the dots on seemingly unrelated conditions, build more knowledge, and become the keeper of your own self-health history.

Your self-health map is a series of questions which you can answer over a period of time. These questions will help build an ongoing continuous map of your overall health. You don't have to complete your map to begin using the site—but the more questions you answer, the more closely you’ll narrow down who you can match with for mentorship and support.

Welcome to the Global Body Buddy System!

Welcome to the Global Body Buddy system! Your self-help map will serve to match you with people around the world who share a high degree of similarity in factors that affect their physical, social and emotional health. By matching people with "body buddies" and providing a safe space to explore ideas together, and offer encouragement, Kinnected helps people solve, support and encourage better health and wellness.

Conversations—When it’s time for a conversation with your body buddies, it’s always one on one. There are no groups, no forums, and no selfies. Our members come from a variety of perspectives, faiths, world views, and backgrounds. Please keep these global and cultural aspects in mind as you write, and remember that compassion and kindness are a must. If you and your buddy both agree that your conversation could help other members, (and you both must agree), it’s added to our solutions library, where it’s searchable.

Sign up!—You can sign up for free by sharing only your email address. Any other information you choose to share is up to you, and its privacy is always under your direct control. At any time, you can start searching for solutions in our Solutions Library/Search Results. These results will show you discussions about specific health issues that our members have chosen to share with other Kinnected members. The discussions have been tagged with relevant keywords by the members who have chosen to share them. You will also be able to view any stories, featured profiles, or global health professionals that pertain to your search. Members and non members can always search Kinnected to find a trusted health professional by going straight to the Global Health Directory.


The Global Health Network. We are a world on the move: Whether we’re traveling, immigrating or seeking refuge. We are migratory—but our health systems are not.

The Global Health Network is made for the world we now live in. Whether you’re anchored or on the move, you’ll be able to find health professionals based on a standard of transparency and openness about their approach, and abilities. Kinnected welcomes all modes of health professionals and practices so that we can open our eyes to the many and varied worlds of health. Learn how people heal and are healed, all over the world, and search with confidence for trusted providers.

For health professionals, The Global Health Network offers an innovative cultural network and a trusted home base. Your profile honors your identity as much as your biography. And wherever you are, your information remains universally located and locatable on Kinnected. We’re also working to address the growing isolation and burn-out amongst all health professionals. Connect and share with your peers for ongoing engagement and support! Your profile will list your favorite discussion topics so that you can match with colleagues worldwide. Bring new resources to the global table, and ignite new ideas!

As you become more familiar with Kinnected, we have
other tools that will help you manage your own health:

  • A Tips and Notes task list you can create while you are in discussion with another person so that each time you come back, you can make progress with improving your health.
  • A daily note journal that gets added to your timeline.
  • An extensive story section that explores health holistically and globally
  • A Bookshelf where you can store interesting stories.
  • A global directory of health professionals with in-depth profiles that establish greater trust and visibility around their practices, all of whom are members of the Kinnected community.
  • Care profiles you can use to co-manage someone whose care you are helping to supervise, and the ability to collaborate with family or friends around their health.
  • The ability to share your story and offer help to others for conditions you've solved
  • The ability to rate solutions and ideas in terms of how effective they were for you.
  • Creative tools such as our art gallery images, which you can use to express your unique outlook. Monthly live streaming concerts to invite a buddy to from across the world.
  • For Health professionals, we provide tools to connect and share with peers for ongoing knowledge and support.
  • You can change your sharing preferences at a detailed level. Your information is always under your control, and never publicly associated with your real name. Read more about our privacy policies here.